Rashi Dhagat

Rashi has been involved within the hospitality and event management space in the Wyndham Council area for the past 4 years. Several of you would know her through her warm, lively and family friendly cafes Little Growling Café and Growling Café – Mambourin over the years. Rashi has been one of the first and foremost supporter of Tarneit Business Association and has been involved in all the stages of the development of the association. She has been voted the president of the association and has oversight of the full organization. She is responsible for the overall operations of the association, planning and coordinating various events and liaising with the various bodies of government.

Outside of work you will see Rashi enjoying meditation and spending time with her husband, Divyang and more often then not a hot chocolate and a book in hand.

Shivani Arora

Shivani has been associated with the Tarneit area since the past 7+ years and has been a key figure in the hospitality industry within Wyndham. Shivani and her husband run a successful food catering business and is a frequent presence at several events across the area. She is the secretary of the association and her key roles are helping members with their queries, coordinating the core-committee meetings and also setting up the agendas and provide a structured discussion forum for everyone. She is the conduit that links the various members and presents it to the committee to contemplate and present it to the various stakeholders to resolve queries.

Outside of work, you will see Shivani enjoying a good meal and running around errands for her teenaged son.

Nihar Shah

Nihar has been associated with the Tarneit area since 2010 when he first moved into the area. He keeps reminiscing about the way Tarneit has changed and the evolvement of the Wyndham area. You all would know Nihar through his business, Victorian Accounting Services and Victorian Finance Services. He is a frequent presence at all sporting related activities and venues in Wyndham. He has been a sounding board for several local businesses and their trusted partner for their accounting and finance needs. He is currently elected as the treasurer of the association and deals with all issues involving funding, spending, membership fees and sponsorships.

Outside of work, you will find Nihar drinking coffee, spending time with his wife Forum, two kids and taking his dog for a walk.

Nimitt Shah
Associate Member

Nimitt has been one of the founding members of the Tarneit Business Association. He has been heavily involved in setting up the structure of the association. He is a core member of the team who is responsible for all logistics and project management for all association activities. Most of you would know his cheerful nature through his business Tor Homes. His passion for all things is evident in the success and hardwork they put in realizing their customers dreams of home ownership.

Outside of work, you will find Nimitt enjoying a cuppa and going on walks with his wife.

Sampann Agrawal
Associate Member

Sampann has been the Information Technology whiz for the association. From setting up the website of the association to all things digital, Sampann has been the calming presence in the room. Sampann has been responsible for the digital presence of the association and all associated marketing. Most of you will know him through his business Yatra Infotech wherein he would have helped set up your website or create a customized software for you.

Outside of work, Sampann enjoys watching movies with his wife and spending time with his young daughter.

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