• To enable businesses based in or operating from the Tarneit suburb to meet, share, learn and grow.
  • To enhance connections between Tarneit’s businesses, the Tarneit community and Wyndham Council.
  • To enable Tarneit businesses to work in partnership with the Wyndham City Council and contribute to the future planning and development of Tarneit.

Key roles

The key roles of the Tarneit Business Association will be to:

  • Network and share information.
  • Undertake collaborative marketing and promotions.
  • Run events to attract business, raise profiles and develop relationships with the local community.
  • Pursue professional and business development training for local businesses.
  • Forge partnerships between the Business Association, Council, other relevant organisations and government agencies.
  • Enable businesses to participate in the future planning and development of the Tarneit suburb in a collective fashion.
  • Undertake Advocacy on behalf of the Tarneit business community.
  • Build Relationships with the local community.

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